How we make river rugs

Here we shed some light on the lingo of rug weaving, what goes into making a rug and how we do it.


Recycled T-Shirt yarn

T-shirt Yarn is recycled craft yarn that comes from T-shirt manufacturing off cuts. T-shirt Yarn consists of 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra making it soft, lightweight and durable. Instead of ending up in land fill we put it back to use.


Recycled household textile yarn

Carefully chosen tablecloths, sheets, doona covers and even old clothes are re-used to make your favourite rugs. All recycled textiles are cleaned then cut into strips we call

Rag Yarn. The yarn is rolled in to a ball and stored, ready to be woven into the next rug.


100% cotton Warp thread

We use 100% Cotton twine thread from Finland. The 15 ply thread is strong and very durable and handles the wear and tear of high traffic areas in your home. The warp thread also becomes the end tassels of our rugs.


Traditional Finnish Weaving Loom

The Finnish made Varpapuu Savonia loom.