our roots


I am Sonja and I live in the Margaret River area of Western Australia.

I am a Finnish woman who grew up on a farm in southern Finland and I come from a long line of artisans and weavers.

I remember as a child spending time sitting under my mothers weaving loom, watching and wondering how she was going to re-use my favourite dress that had become too small.

It always interested me to see our old sheets, table cloths, clothing and other household textiles take on a new life as a rug.

In Finland handcrafts are a part of the school curiculum from year 1 and creating things with my hands and art have always been enjoyable and comfortable to pursue.

I graduated from an art and design school as a clothing artisan 20 years ago. The school gave me a great platform in product design, manufacture and a critical eye for detail.

With weaving I have always trusted the knowledge handed down to me from the women in my family and always believed that I can achive that what I set my mind on.