River Rugs
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Our Rugs are unique and can be used in every room in the house.


plain Weaved rag rugs


The plain weave

The beautiful and versitile Plain Weave rug has stood the test of time in Scandinavia. Its simple design pattern makes it strong and robust and with the right maintenance will last for many years. Plain weave is a fundamental type of textile weaving. It is strong and hard-wearing, and is used for fashion and furnishing fabrics. In plain weave cloth, the warp and yarn threads cross at right angles, aligned so they form a simple criss-cross pattern. 



set pattern weaved rag rugs


Set pattern weave

The iconic Set Pattern Weave dates back to the 1800’s. This rugged and beautiful rug has a single pattern that is set into to the weaving loom to create a mesmerising pattern loop. We have 2 different Set Pattern to choose from. Tap the photos to see more.

The lempi set pattern rug


The kaari set pattern rug



rug sizes


all river rugs are made to ‘runner’ size.

the width is set at 80cm and the length will vary from rug to rug.

The width of the rug is set by the weaving loom we have.


Custom made river rugs


we can make a unique rug just for you

If you would like some information on a custom made rug send us an email to info(at)riverrugs.com